Davidoff Signature Petit Corona

First off, this a dominican production by Davidoff so it's part of the lighter vitolas of the brand or of the cigar market in general. I am regularly going for this little treasures, because they are super mild bodied and easy to smoke. The draw and production quality are as so often with this brand, top tier quality. You get a lot of smoke from a rather small stick and this doesn't overheat even if you puff them quite rapidly, which is in my opinion a sign of an excellently rolled stick.


The cold draw is rather subtle but creamy. Once lit up, i had a lot of earth coming through, together with a nice and pleasant coffee and leather taste. This cigar is really smooth and silky but also has some mild bitterness which makes it a round but a bit more complex smoke to me. The cigar gets a bit complexer towards the end and is rather uneventful and linear in its evolution.


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