Rocky Patel CSWC Mareva

I always draw cigars "cold" before lighting them up, meaning I take a few puffs just to get an idea where we are heading, knowing that this first impression can also go in a totally other direction than the "hot" smoke, so for this one I got a some sweet wood, maybe some cedar. This mareva was rather mild bodied to me and had some pleasant notes of wood, but in a creamy and surprisingly sweet way. In addition to that I got some mild spices, some subtle herbal bitterness and a bit of cocoa.


To be honest the draw was okay but yet a bit sub par for the brand, as I had to relight serveral times, which left me puzzled as I know Rocky Patel sticks quite well and nearly never had this happening to me and also as this is a cigar rolled for a long and slow smoking competition, I didn't expect it to cool down so fast. On the other hand, if you give it a go and smoke it a bit faster pace it got quite hot and intense on the pepper.


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